Wednesday, November 15, 2017


Success happens, not by accident, default or wishing! Success happens on purpose when we plan on it by planning for it!

Your thoughts matter - True or False -- WHY?

Author TR Johnson Ford, feeding hearts good in your community!

Monday, November 13, 2017

TR Snippets!

TR Snippets!!! Morning dose of Sunshine.

A Place of Love,

Magic and Mystery!

18 Jupiter Lane -- an ageless 
place of untold mysteries, magic,
 healing, and love housing five 
heart illuminating stories that will 
feed your heart good today, tomorrow & always.
18 Jupiter Lane -- a place to be with self – a place of 
safeness, calm, healing, comfort and much love. 
We all have such a place – imaginable or real; it’s 
uniquely OUR own. 18 Jupiter Lane is such a 
place - a real and fantasy place of serenity, 
healing, and so much love!
18 Jupiter Lane -- a SUNSHINE book likened to 
the empowering rays of the sun, it will stimulate 
the mind, soothe the soul, and warm hearts!
SUNSHINE books are tiny, but huge in warming 
hearts and are great for any people-focused 
agenda such as churches, schools, community 
events, organizations, and fund-raisers. My 
mission is to warm hearts by sharing my 
passion, so please ask me about the huge 
discounts available on larger quantities 
and, please let me know of anyone or 
organization who may benefit from 
18 Jupiter Lane and the entireSUNSHINE 
brand collection of books and 
online courses.
Author TR Johnson Ford,
feeding hearts good in your community!

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

HAPPINESS is…letting go!
Think about this – what do we hold on to?
We hold tight to hurt, anger, annoyances and a host of other nuisances that stifle and tangle our spirit.
Now, what do we get from this tight and firm holding on?
·         We get stress (pressure, anxiety, worry, trauma, and drama)
·         We get satisfaction from holding onto our discomfort
·         We get to feel justly indignant
·         We get to feel vindicated if the discomfort originated from someone else
·         And, yes, yes, we get so much more…

Let no one; let nothing rob you of your spirit.
Let IT GO! If it bothers your inner peace – let it go now!
OK, can we say --- Happiness may be … simply, letting go! Choose to pull out the good from the situation (yes, the good is there if you look for it), and let go the bad!


Tuesday, October 17, 2017

What have you done for your HEART lately?

Have you allowed your heart feed off frustration most of the time?
Is your heart versed in vengeful acts?
Is your heart full of ungrateful thoughts?
Does your heart reside in the throes of past tragedy?
Do you allow your heart simmer in sadness?
Do you keep your heart in constant states of anxiety, and fear?

A better question.
What good have you done for your HEART lately?

It’s a choice, one you own how you treat this most precious gift from God.  So choose to do good things for your heart today and every day!

TR Johnson Ford
Where love lives, blossom & spreads!

Monday, October 9, 2017

Love MY HEART day is TODAY!: Is it a Trick OR is it a TREAT? --- The Horrors of...

Love MY HEART day is TODAY!: Is it a Trick OR is it a TREAT? --- The Horrors of...: Is it a Trick OR is it a TREAT? --- The Horrors of FREE ! What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you see an item or ...
Is it a Trick OR is it a TREAT?
--- The Horrors of FREE!

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you see an item or service that is FREE?

Could that first thought be what’s the catch?

Oftentimes, we find FREE comes with strings attached.

Sometimes FREE is peddled as a great value and then, we may find it was not valuable to us at all.  And, then FREE may waste precious time as the item or service turns out to be something you could not use and certainly not a benefit.

Now, what if the FREE item or service had no strings attached?  What if it adds value to your life in many ways?  What if it is something you can revisit again and again?

What if an online course about the influences of intentional love could be yours FREE -- would you be tempted to check it out?

WPEC serves as the introduction to our signature course, An Extreme LOVING Experience - AELEX!  WPEC is a full fun and engaging online course.  It is about the wonderful powers of Love - the love of God, love for self and active love toward others.

Do not be misled by the title, Women Practicing Extreme self-Care is for anyone who embraces the power gained from loving self better as a way to love others more.  It stimulates the mind, soothes the soul and warms the heart and most important, it is all about the importance of LOVING.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Knocking on the door to your Heart, 
the infamous Trick-Or-Treat.
Now, when you open the door, do you trick or treat your heart?
Do you say yes to trick your Heart by not appreciating your own strengths?
Do you say yes to trick your Heart by competing with and envying others?
Do you say yes to trick your Heart not tending to it every day?
Do you say yes to trick your Heart believing you can change someone else?
Do you say yes to trick your Heart doing the same thing over and over, but hoping for different results?
Do You Trick-Or-Treat your Heart all year long? A Simple Question - but why ask?
God gave you something so special, your very own Heart!
You, yes - you are in control of treating it well.
The choice is clear; it's not a trick.
So, always Treat your Heart to the best.  
Treating and not tricking your heart allows it to blossom a great love; a love so powerful, so empowering it spills over and touch all you meet.
Yes, indeed, the best costume this Halloween and forever is your well-treated HEART.
Happy Halloween
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